Well, looks like Reid finally smartened up, or was told by his bosses that he had to start Vick. The Eagles have officially announced that Vick will be the starter for the foreseeable future.

Odds are this was not his actual decision and was the GMs decision. On Monday night, Reid, his coaching staff, and GM Howie Roseman sat down to go over film, and discuss the QB position. To me that basically sounds like Roseman discussed with Reid why Kolb should not be the starter at this point.

I know less then 2 quarters is not a good measure to judge a player, however, in those 2 quarters, the team just was a mess, and Kolb looked terrible. In the other 2 quarters in that game, Vick was incredible, and the team responded and played extremely well around him, so that right there says who the team responds to.

Its nice to see Reid make this decision, or at least be the puppet on a decision made above his head. Vick might have done some horrible things, but he paid his debt to society, and its really nice to see him back to form, and doing the things that made him a Pro Bowl QB. 

If I had to guess what happened in that meeting, Roseman basically told Reid that Vick is to be the starter, and that Kolb had not earned that right. The team says that it was looking at video, and basically discussing the current offensive line which is not that great, that caused the decision, but I think its safe to say it was Roseman.