Michael DeNicola


Everyone and their mother blew up the social networks moments ago with the news of JVR's freshly signed extension with the Flyers, worth $25.5M / 6-Years. (That comes out to $4.25M AAV)

James is entering his final year on his entry level contract where he'll pull in $1,654,166.00 (salary and bonuses).

His new contract begins in the 2012-13 season, and ends in the 2017-18 season. 

Is Reemer excited? You bet your ass he is;

"Excited to sign a 6 year extension with the @NHLFlyers , love playing in Philly.

Want to thank mr snider and flyers management for treating me well and showing confidence in me #firstclassorganization" via Twitter


James' cap hit will be low once his extension comes into play. And thanks to Philly Sports Daily's report, JVR's agent Alex Schall had this to say about the move --

"He wanted to work with the Flyers to get a good cap number. He wanted to help the team move forward long-term.


Did I read that correctly? Did a professional sports player (one with as much star potential as JVR) really put his organization and its possible successes before his own bank account?

Rare, sir. Very, very rare. 


Some naysayers believe a $4.25M cap hit is too much for a young player who's only potted 36-goals and totaled 75-points in only 153 NHL games played. I figure it's because he's just finally getting paid like a 2nd Overall Draft Pick. But Holmgren and the rest of the organization believe in James, and figure if they've been taking risks all off-season long....why stop now?


*So far CapGeek.com has not listed any No-Trade or No-Movement clauses associated with the extension, if there are any at all.