On day five of the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid took on Ajax at the Amsterdam Arena. What was supposed to be an easy win with technical bravado by the visitors turn to a disgraceful spectacle by two of their superstars.

In the 87th minute of play Madrid pretty much had the game wrapped up. There was no way Ajax was going to catch up to the Galacticos. But that's when Xabi showed an utter disrespect for the game.

Madrid had a free kick in there zone with Xabi to take it. The midfielder stepped back, ran to the ball, stopped, and reset himself. He did this for quite some time that he might as well been doing the Waltz behind the ball.

Xabi was booked earlier, but for this lack of respect of the game, the referee had no choice but to give the second yellow and issue him his marching orders.

Three minutes later, it was the same story, but different player. Sergio Ramos was taking a free kick deep in his six. Ramos stepped back, teased the ball, and fixed his stockings.

Ramos, too, was playing with a yellow and these child like antics gave him another one. As he went off, the defender shook the hand of the referee.

I know these are time wasting tricks. They are part of the game; it's an unwritten law of the sports. I get that, but at this time, it was unacceptable.

I totally understand Madrid utilizing these tricks when leading 1-0 against Chelsea in the Champions League Cup, or against Barcelona in El Clasico, but not when they're leading 4-0 against Ajax -- a team that is virtually eliminated from the Champions League.

I have no respect for these antics. Some people may consider Jose Mourinho, the head coach of Madrid, a football genius, but after this shady display by his players he can only be considered a jackass.