Rayco Saunders is stating that he is signed to fight Grzegorz Soszynski for the I.B.F. North American light heavyweight title but that Soszynski is running
scared. This comes via Saunders facebook page:

As you can see below, I am schedule to fight for an I.B.F, championship belt. Reason
being because I work hard at this craft called boxing. I'll fight ANYONE,
ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Unlike others from Pittsburgh who fight "HAND
PICKED" opponents who can barely fight because they themselves can BARELY
fight , I fight the best to be the BEST!!!

It doesn't matter how much THE MEDIA tries to pump up & hype up these SO
CALLED "boxers", none of them will out last "WAR"! I am a
REAL FIGHTER! Currently 37, with 8 more years STRONG, left in me, I will be THE
MAN when they come! I will be THE MAN while they're here! And I will be THE MAN
as I watch them go!

My opponent from Europe has now found out that he has made a very costly
mistake by signing to fight me. Through out the boxing world, It suggested that
I am given no more than a couple weeks to prepare because when given
approximately 6 weeks to prepare, I am one of the most focused, supremely
conditioned, prepared athletes in the world!

After we both have signed and returned our contracts to fight on 17 Feb, 2012,
my opponent is trying to withdraw from our agreed upon fight. He has given
interviews, etc., about our fight.



Now he is trying to run. NFL teams MUST play whomever is on their schedule on
the day they are suppose to play! This is one of the things wrong with
professional boxing. PEOPLE CAN SIGN CONTRACTS AND NOT HONOR THEM! Things like
this should be brought to the public's attention and I will continue to bring

I'm telling Grzegorz Soszynski that, "I can smell your fear!"
"You signed to fight, let's fight!" "I will come to you WHEREVER
you are!"

Rayco "WAR" Saunders

Fax 877.458.5604

(Agreement) Contract for Professional Boxing Contest

Jan 13th 2012

Sammy Merza____ Date of Contest February/17/2012

Rayco Saunders Weigh-In: Ugly Hookah

guarantees that He/She is in good health and physically able to participate in
a Boxing Contestof 10 rounds at a weight 175 lbs., at 6:30 PM

(If Contestant is over his weight he must lose the weight or will get penalized
$75 for each pound over)

On 02/17/2012 (Date) with (Opponent) Gregory Soszynski

@Cicero Stadium (Venue), 1909 S. Laramie IL, 60804. (708)652-3545
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (708)652-3545 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

* Contestant must attend weigh in at 6:00pm Thursday 02/16/12 at 3415 w. Bryn
Mawr Chicago Il, 60659 773-716-9111

This bout will be for the IBF-North America light Heavyweight Championship.

Contestant also guarantees that he/she is aware of the rules and regulations of
boxing in the state of Illinois and is prepared to abide by same. Promoter is
liable for payment of premiums for state approved boxers insurance for hospital
and life insurance and any costs over the policies maximum limits are the
responsibility of the contestant.

Contestant agrees that from date of contract until date of aforementioned
contest, he/she will not participate in any contest of unarmed combat, including
but not limited to; Professional boxing, boxing exhibition, toughman contest,
or ultimate fighting competition. Failure to abide by this stipulation will be
just cause for promoter to seek reparation for any and all damages and or
losses incurred by such failure. The (Promoter) will then be justified to seek
relief from (Contestant) and (Manager) in a court of law and/or any applicable
athletic or boxing commission.

Promoter reserves right to postpone any fight and to reschedule such fight up
to (30) thirty days from original date without penalty. However, this shall be
considered a good faith agreement and such postponement will not take place
unless it is absolutely necessary. The bout will be recorded and promoter will
have all rights to the recording.

Since most contractual agreement and handled via facsimile machines, no
contracts will be considered valid until promoter receives signed contracts
from both parties, at which time promoter or matchmaker will notify both
parties in writing or via fax that as of that date and time said contracts will
be considered finalized and valid.

Illinois requires that all boxers male/female must have their Federal I.D,
Physical, Hepatitis B&C recent HIV test (1 year or less). All female boxers
must have a recent pregnancy test (U.C.G) (30 days). All boxers also need there
state boxing license within 3days prior to the Contest.

All contracts must be returned within (7) seven days or offer for fight may be
considered valid by promoter


It appears that Soszynski has signed to fight Saunders but is backing out. He also takes a shot at some Pittsburgh fighters and I have reached out to him to see if I can get some sort of clarification on that.

If he responds I will have more on this in the coming days.