The Steelers and Ravens rivalry just got more fuel to the fire. As many know by now Hines Ward was arrested for DUI last week. Ravens running back Ray Rice decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong and comment on it via Twitter.

"Well it looks like Hines Ward will miss Week 1 when the lockout ends DUI charge not a good look."

The comment did not sit well with Hines Ward's teammate Ryan Clark. He responded to it later that night.

"So glad you could Weigh in. Thx.

The too would go on with several tweets with Rice tweeting.

"its whatever you wanna do bro you know how to find me."

Clark responded the following.

"I hear ya brother. Thought we were all better than that. Wouldn't speak negative of you. I'll find you! It's not hard. God bless.

Now first and foremost I am not a fan of either team so no bias here. I'm glad Clark stood up for Hines. I really hope Clark takes Rice's knee out in week 1 too. Clark later tweeted about the incident.

"Life is good! More and more reasons to be excited about football. Week 1 just got even better! It's my fault for respecting those who I shouldn't."

I really thought Rice was a great guy. I was wrong. He proved he has no class whats so ever. Maybe it's the fact that he is bitter because everyone knows Flacco can't win a super bowl. The guy is a flat out bum. As long as Flacco is the QB then the Ravens have as much chance of winning a championship as the Orioles.

I have no problem with trash talking. This goes beyond that. This was in no way shape or form any of his business. Glad Clark took a stand on this. Good for him.