it shocked, but have no the felling of much accident, after all this game both parties, still have some players who have a potential have already drawn a noticing of northern Hao door.

"My pouring the headlines of the newspaper of hoping tomorrow is an AC Milan to get involved You Wen Tu Si to hair inside of battle out!!"Give Ma Xi to very sour say, for the affair of these head hunting grass root ball teams, though can not get use to, but also have no way, this is the rules of the game of football game, this is the market!!

"I see perhaps, Fu elder brother Lang(note:Is Ba Lei Xi)the this time come to expect an Er shell to pull a ground, perhaps for all working properly of does the F1 come-"The hero western card cannot help but making fun his/her own old friend.

Say here, hero west card suddenly one Leng, all work properly the performance of F1 today, completely can use'Super' describe, saw an outstanding forward player like this, difficult the west protecting to expect thunder can't show interest, the AC Milan is after the Luo Na Er gets hurt more now, to forward of thirst's begging is a world famous of, a little bit more important, is only have 18 years old zero 2 monthses now to the south!

What does this mean?

Mean this genius forward to still have to how and greatly promote space?

Hero this time the west card dynasty one side give Ma Xi to see past and indeed as expected give Ma Xi's facial expression to change of can hardly see, very obviously, these old fans that all work properly, the gold medals announcers who all work properly also realized!!

'Did not relate to of, we just be not see Anne virtuous strong to kiss in the sports clothes of all work properly brigade badge?'Give Ma Xi Qiang however ego consolation way, force dynasty hero west the card smiled to smile, "in fact, the Ji pulls a Di promise to do in the Milan of don't depend on as well, the Milan should give him some time more!!"

Pa a , are the voice that eyes drop on the ground...

Boon boon have to admire the occupation cultivated manners of Italian announcer...

This time, for mollifying atmosphere, Cleveland Browns jerseys 2 people also put attention at in the ground.

Lose Ba discount customized nfl jerseys Lei Mo's brigade in ball, lay siege to towards all working properly a brigade to launch madness of, the momentary will all work properly the Chuai that the brigade presses however annoy, is a thunder section to expect this Miami Dolphins jerseys how never defend old will, also have to several times hurtle to this square to forbid to help back to defend inside the area.

Cloth thunder western second promise at forbid area on-line the keeping of tower receiving card to fill Er fill and sway to open to defend his section don't give, winning the ball is a feet Nu to shoot, the ball almost is taken out of transform, straight of dynasty ball left top Cape in the door fly to-

Compared second Di to continue oneself today miraculous performance, elephant spider the Xia is similar, fierce on jumping, float in the half to get empty, take off ball with the finger tip a horizontal beam!!

Shoot beautifully!!

Put out also fascinatingly!!

Believe Ba Lei Xi on the grandstand sees more miraculous than the second Di's performance, should will also some viewpoints, compare second Di, be leased an outlying door by the AC Milan this now will, the performance in nowadays, can compare the status that that Brazilian Di reaches to be good friends with much!!

Expect Lei Mo Dui acquired a Cape ball, this was to expect Lei Mo Dui the first half field game acquire of the 4th Cape ball.

At this time, the first half field game is already carry on repairing of end half minute, this will be expect Lei Mo Dui first half field the custom nfl jerseys last aggression opportunity to compete.

The Cape ball of cloth thunder western second promise opens, the ball ball is soon very quick, fall to order very good.

Hair inside at forbid milling about inside the area, suddenly a hair dint, livinging will defend his push to open in Na tower, then did a lion to jilt the beautiful action of head, the ball quickly once rowed compare the finger of second Di, flew into net nest!!

"G-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-l, beautiful of enter ball!!What to enter discount customized nfl jerseys ball is ours-De-Oliveira-AmauriCarvalho!!!"

Expect the spot announcer who