One of the hardest parts of being a wrestling fan is that we, more than any other entertainment form’s fanbase, have to say goodbye to so many of our heroes. Today, we unfortunately have to do it again

“Macho Man” Randy Savage is, for me, the epitome of what a pro-wrestler should be.

He was loud, boastful, brash, over-the-top, larger-than-life, and everything in between. His unmistakable and irreplaceable voice was matched only by his talent and charisma between the ropes. Randy Savage could make a believer out of anyone, fan or not, with just a look. Even my wife, who by no means is even a shadow of a wrestling fan, remembers the Macho Man. He was a complete original, totally unforgettable.

The very first wrestling show I ever went to was in 1992 at the US Air Arena in Landover, MD. My dad got the tickets for my birthday. He and I went with my sister, her friend, and her friend’s dad. I was the only wrestling fan out of the bunch. They just came along for the ride. But they loved it, and one of the main reasons why was because of the main event: Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage in a WrestleMania VIII rematch. I saw Savage live a handful of times again after that, but that match will always stand out as one of my first and favorite pro wrestling memories.

For my money, the Macho Man was one of the top 5 workers of all time. There will never be another Randy Savage. No one could ever combine that raw charisma and talent into that type of package ever again. I can only hope, as unfortunate as these circumstances now are, that the WWE finally does the right thing and puts him in the Hall of Fame. It’s incomplete without him.

So thank you Randy, for defining an industry for so many fans. I’m gonna go home tonight. Put on WMVIII and snap into a Slim Jim.

Ohhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!