The new Jumbotron at The Can is sick.  Fans are gonna dig it for sure!  The ice girls...meh.  I was fine with the old crew who used to dance once a game.  Fans liked that.

As the Post's Adrian Dater noted today, Patrick Roy is an animated coach!  Bit of a departure from the stoic Joe Sacco, eh?

Gabe Landeskog was of course your captain last night and Paul Stastny wore the only "A" with Milan Hejduk's Avalanche tenure sadly over.  Matt Duchene did not play last night.  Could we potentially see an "A" on his sweater tomorrow night against the Kings??  I certainly hope so!  Much like the contract he just signed, Dutchy certainly deserves the "A" on his jersey as well!

Chris Bigras is a smooth skater.  That has always been a strength of Erik Johnson's, so the tandem of those two looked really good on their skates.  They were on the ice for the first goal against, however. 

With Willy ailing already, Bigras or Siemens has a legit chance to be on the opening night rosters.  I'll leave it to the former #33 and #52 to figure it out.

Landeskog had several quality chances last night and set up the lone goal by Stastny.  He appears to be in mid-season form and the line of him, Tanguay, and Stastny could do some damage.  Stastny knows what's up.  If he underperforms, he knows that the young Nathan MacKinnon could be centering his top line sooner rather than later.


MacKinnon looked good.  He is very fast, isn't afraid to use his body and isn't afraid to go into the dangerous areas like the low slot and the corners.  I like him with at least one bruiser like McGinn or Downie so that other teams won't try to take advantage of the rookie.  PAP skated with them last night but we may see him back with Duchene and O'Reilly.  PAP and Dutch were too good together last year to abandon completely.

Varlamov is now noticeably holding his catching glove higher per the advice of Roy and Allaire.  His stance appears to be higher as well.  He looked very quick and solid overall last night.  He played the entire game.