As a parent, it can be hard making a list of life lessons you yourself have learned let alone thinking of one for your kids. Some things will come naturally with time and you can't anticipate what will influence your child at times. Therefore you'll need to be there for them with advice and guidance when you can, and thinking of what will be most important for them to grasp early on can be beneficial.

You might think of what has most impacted or helped you along in your own life. Of course you may want to consider just how old your son or daughter is at this time as well, which will eliminate some possible options. Relationship advice, for example, usually has no value to a five year old. Challenges change with age, and often it is the basics that they will benefit from the most when they are younger.

These are often considered to be the larger, more general social lessons that not only help them be good people but get along with others. Not being able to get what they want all the time is one that everybody learns at some point, for example. Being that children are as demanding as you'll let them be, you could focus on just how gently or bluntly you want to try and get the message across.

Closely following this is the necessity of sharing at times, whether it be their toys or games and so on. This can be especially important if your son or daughter has or later gets a sibling. Gift-giving can be an effective way of helping them learn to appreciate concepts such as generosity and good will and so on.

The ability to bind lessons together similarly can not only help them remain with your child, but simply help you to find ways to explain things. The associations he or she makes in this way can make memories of them that much more potent, and long-lasting. Remember that formative years are especially important for personal development, so the choices you make can have long-lasting impacts.

Speaking of which, you might try thinking about things you learned, or wish you had learned, which helped to build character. After all, what you teach your child does not have to have a solely moral basis. Something like defending others, for example, is an idea you might try to instill in them early on.

It could even be something as simple as appreciating a hard day's work, or doing a difficult job well. The challenges you may face along the way will likely be unique, so take things slow and don't be discouraged if things don't pan out exactly as you plan. Working with other parents in some instances, possibly at camps or little leagues, can offer possible solutions as well.

A list of life lessons can be as extensive or as brief as you like, but the point is to be comfortable and willing to adjust. Keep in mind that you won't always be able to simply explain things away, and sometimes your son or daughter will have to take a journey themselves before they really understand. Put time into your tutelage and over the years you may find your children growing to be better people than you had imagined.

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