The Purdue Boilermakers had a disappointing season last season and look to rebound in 2010. Right away, Purdue is at a disadvantage with their starting running back Ralph Bolden injuring his knee in the spring. He's possibly out for the whole season which could change Purdue's whole offensive scheme. So, let's get started with this Big 10 series with Purdue.

Robert Marve, a transfer from Miami is going to be their starter this season. Marve injured his knee and had off the field issues before going to Purdue. He could help the Boilermakers passing and running. Look for Robert Marve to be the center of their offense this season.

The man who will start in Ralph Bolden's place is Sophomore Al-Terek McBurse. McBurse is a speed back like Bolden, but doesn't have power like he had. Expect Al-Terek McBurse to be a running back that catches mostly screen passes and a heavy pass offense.

Their defense is headlined by defensive end Ryan Kerrigan. Kerrigan looks to continue his dominance of double-digit sacks in 2010. The weak spot looks to be the secondary for the Boilermakers. The secondary should be fine with a run heavy Big 10. I think their defense though could have their best year in awhile.

Now, we get to the Boilermakers schedule for 2010. Here is the schedule for Purdue this season and my game by game predictions for them.

@Notre Dame L

Western Illinois W

Ball State W

Toledo W

@Northwestern W

Minnesota W

@Ohio State L

@Illinois W

Wisconsin L

Michigan L

@Michigan State L

Indiana W

I see Purdue going 7-5 this season and making a bowl game. Purdue will start off on a hot streak at 5-1, but finishing 2-6 down the stretch.

Some people think that Purdue won't even make a bowl game and be in the cellar of the Big 10, but they're wrong. Robert Marve will have his best season of his college career after his transfer from Miami.

I see Marve throwing for about 4,000 yards and sophomore running back Al-Terek McBurse to have a breakout year in Robert Bolden's absence. Simply put, the offense should be one of the best in years even without Bolden.

The defense should be much improved from 2009 and look for Ryan Kerrigan to have about 15 sacks and create double teams for others to get to the quarterback.

Danny Hope will get this football team ready for a tough schedule and they will shock the college football world the first six weeks. If Danny Hope can get a young Purdue team to start off 5-1 he should Big 10 coach of the year.

Purdue is on the rise again as a Big 10 powerhouse for years to come. This year could be the year that they make noise in the conference.

Look out for the Purdue Boilermakers this season in the Big 10 as they will go 7-5. Tomorrow, I will continue this series with the Indiana Hoosiers.