Punk And Nexus, Kaval, And is Brock Coming Back”

Lot of things to get into this week. An NXT winner is cut because the writers supposedly didn’t have anything for him to do. One of the best in ring performers in business today and they stick him with to diva trainers to begin with. I tell you it’s the whole size thing. Vince just doesn’t like small wrestlers , never has never will. Of course all of the TNA Marks say they should snap him up quick but I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon unless they are looking to beef up the X division . With the time they had invested in him down in FCW you’d think they would have had a better plan in place just in case he won.

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Well apparently the guest host thing has finally run its course. After well over a year and a half of hit or miss, the guest host of Raw are no more. Lets just hope that the Faceless GM is not far behind . Cole is just getting to damm irritating for his own good. 

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A few days ago, it was reported that TNA Champ Jeff Hardy will plead guilty to at least some of the charges he is facing . I don’t know what this means about what kind of time he might do if any but I’m hoping that he doesn’t have to do much if any. I’m wondering the reason why it took so long is that they were working the finer details.  In any case , it is time for this whole saga to be put to rest . It has lingered way to long and done nobody any good

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