Greenville, SC, 02-JULY-2013 - Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc. Is pleased to announce to local residents that a Greenville sunspace enclosed porch adds value and beauty to residences. Additional living space is created, even when the weather is cooler. Enclosed space helps to control the cost of heating inside space through the use of solar energy. Expanding living space is an added benefit.

A company spokesman explained the fundamental principles of the company, "We promise that you will have hassle free service, regardless of the type of structure and style that you pick. We explain the specifications of the product, tell you the price, explain the advantages of a particular product, application or style and leave the choice up to you."

"We will work with you if you aren't sure that your ideas will work", he continues. "Ultimately, it is your home and you are the one who must be happy with the results. We rely on your satisfaction to help our business grow. We understand the value of word-of-mouth advertising."

When a porch is enclosed, the professionals at Pickens Siding ensure that the design blends with the existing structure to become a cohesive look. In addition to the right look, the right materials are utilized in order to enhance the energy saving features that are available through the porch enclosure. During cooler weather, the passive value of the sun's rays means less cost in warming the indoor air. The space is usable more months of each year.

When the weather is hot, a breeze is allowed by opening the windows. There is a barrier between the cooled indoor air and the hot outdoor temperatures. The shade provided by the roof means the space is usable even when the weather is very warm.

Learn more about the options available to help local home owners enjoy the right sun space by visiting the web page links at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the contents of this specific press notice are invited to contact the Greenville sunspace enclosed porch firm at the location described below.

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