This week a certain Showtime TV commentator told that he is intrigued by the rumored Hopkins vs. Mayweather clash, adding that he thinks the strange bout pitting a welterweight champion against a light heavyweight champion, makes sense especially because Mayweather is so short of opponents at the present time.

It was very odd that the Showtime commentator would not even consider that Tim Bradley, Ruslan Provodnikov and of course Manny Pacquiao were and are lucrative and exciting options for Mayweather. Isn’t Showtime Network supposed to be open to making the best fights possible, even if it has to work with HBO, which the network did in 2002 to produce the massive Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis showdown? Why would Showtime stonewall against HBO and Arum?

Could it be that the Showtime commentator fully understands that Al Haymon does not want to and will never match Mayweather with any of Top Rank’s stars, even though all would be fascinating clashes, and events most fans would want to see?

Even if the Showtime commentator knows about Al Haymon’s agenda for Floyd Mayweather - which, of course, astute ring observers know is to avoid all Arum fighters in favor of handpicked Golden Boy controlled set ups - this shows that the Showtime commentator is not objective about Mayweather -- and he and Showtime are part of the protection system to secure Mayweather from having to fight a "real" fight against a Bob Arum HBO superstar.

The logical conclusion is that Showtime is under the control and influence of Al Haymon. Because this certain commentator clearly knows the company line and does not want to cause any trouble by suggesting Mayweather could or should try to fight Pacquiao, Bradley or Provodnikov.

So the Showtime commentator actually likes the idea of Hopkins vs. Mayweather more than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

Al Haymon has done it again. Showtime Boxing is actually the Al Haymon Network.

Like Paulie Malgnaggi told us: "Al Haymon manipulates everything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets."