New York NY, 22-APR-2013 - Professor Toto Language Education Series is pleased to announce that top quality foreign language children teaching tools can be used to acquire the learning of additional languages. The benefits of second languages are varied and last throughout the lifetime. The animated foreign language DVD children learning tool is called Professor Toto.

The child who is exposed to a second language has benefits that apply to the learning of the native language as well. The youngster is able to see connections and links that help to increase associations. Vocabulary building is another benefit. Many languages contain root words that are quite similar.

The Professor Toto Foreign Language DVD children teaching tools are interesting even to children as young as age two. The maximum interest range will depend to some extent upon the child, but most eight year olds find the workbooks, animations, songs and stories interesting. When providing learning materials for children, they must be fun and entertaining in order to capture and maintain the learning curve.

The Professor Toto series is award-winning in the area of top quality children's educational media. More than 39 years of preparing and distributing children's learning tools attests to its reputation and success rate. Both educators and parents praise the tools and use them individually or in classroom settings. These DVDs are useful for starting children in a second language or enhancing learning.

The animated characters in the series are lively and colorful, thus attracting the interest of even young children. The characters present visual and oral cues to reinforce exact and clear pronunciation. Young children learning a second language have less likelihood of improper accents. For children, verbs are part of simple and short sentences so that the concept is linked to the activity.

Learn more about how children are able to easily grasp the concepts of a second language by clicking on the website at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the products or methods are encouraged to contact the firm at the location described below.

Company Name: Professor Toto Language Education Series
Address: New York NY 10065
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