New York, NY, 01-April-2013 - Professor Toto Language Education Series is pleased to announce a foreign language DVD children level teaching series. The DVDs are easy to use and understand. They benefit children, who are able to learn a second language as easy as the first language. Becoming comfortable in a second language usually improves communications skills in the original language as well.

"For children up to eight years of age" explained a website spokesperson, "Professor Toto grabs the attention and is fun to watch. Because the quality of the production is so high, children have a great time with animation, colors and characters. The pronunciation is flawless. The vocabulary is the words that children will use and mimic in daily life."

Several languages are available to listen to and learn. These include German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. For children with a need to learn English, those DVDs are available. The series is award-winning for quality children's educational media. These awards are not lightweight honors, but major media presentations that recognize successful teaching of children.

The company that produces the foreign language DVD children teaching series has been distributing quality software and educational tools since 1973. For nearly four decades, the software has been receiving praise from educators and parents.

When teaching children, a key element is to capture the attention and at the same time, present the principles of the topic. The language learning tools do just that. They grab the attention of the child in a way that will facilitate learning. The pronunciation is flawless, so the youngster learns the words, the concepts and the correct pronunciation in a fun manner. The action verbs that are included in the learning sessions enable the child to put together in simple sentences.

Learn more about the foreign language DVD children learning tools by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the products or methods for children's language learning are encouraged to contact the firm at the location described below.

Company Name: Professor Toto Language Education Series
Address: New York, NY 10065
Email: [email protected]