What to Expect from The GoH Radio Network?

To fully explain what you can expect from the GoH Radio Network (GoHRN) it’s best to start with where we began. GoHRN is a product of The GoH Brothers Production LLC. A Company founded by” Big TJ” Johnson and Monty “The Sportologist”. They had a vision with Joey Stats to take” BTWSportsTalk”; a cornerstone show for TSCRN and begin our own radio Network. Now, no one show can constitute an entire Network and the guys realized that. So what do you do when you realize you are about 10 foods short of a Cookout? You go shopping! And a shopping they did go, recruiting some of the most talented free agent sports talk show host available! We have brought in some that have many years of experience and others that are hungry enough and desire the success enough to take their first shows to gain extremely large followings! GoHRN is an east coast based business and radio station but don’t be simple to think that we want nothing but east coast talent! OH NO my good people!!! GoHRN has recruited all over the USA. If I recruited any better every Division 1 college in America would be banging down my door to see that I come to work for them. I am just that good people and no NCAA violations were made to get these deals done! Now that you know who we are and what GoHRN is about; How about I introduce you all to the host and shows you will be hearing starting this February 2013!

Blow The Whistle Sports Talk

As you know formally from TSCRN BTWSportsTalk goes live every Tuesday night from any number of restaurant locations in Fayetteville NC. We have done shows from Scrub Oaks Contemporary American Pub and most recently joined up with Caribbean Grill to bring you live audience interaction with a sports show that you will love! Co-Host Big TJ Johnson and Monty Broadus “The Sportologist” bring you facts and information that you may be able to get elsewhere but never with the passion and energy that you get from BTW. Joining these two with a phenomenal partner Joey Stats and you have a show that will not be matched. Archive shows for BTWsportsTalk can be found on www.btwsportstalk.com you can follow Big TJ @btwsportstalk Monty @thesportologist and Joey stats @btwjoeystats

The Bob Sullivan Show

Just saying that title should let you know what to expect people! It’s Bob Sullivan and you know that when you are listening to a Bob Sullivan show you will get nothing but “True Bob”. He has agreed to come over to the network and do his outstandingly funny show twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Bob’s show is interesting because he tackles any and every topic; saying things that you know you are thinking but don’t always have the stones to say yourself. Bob is that man that just does his thing and you will hear him first on the GoHRN. Archive shows of The Bob Sullivan show can be found on www.btwsportstalk.com and you can follow Bob @bobsullivanshow

Introducing East vs West Sports

East v. West Sports is a show combining two of the most opinionated people that we at GoHRN have ever met in our lives and joining them up for 1 hour every Wednesday of pure ranting excitement! Here comes the much awaited arrival of Alyssa Michelle to the radio and joining her with the experience of Joey Stats from BTWsportstalk we have a bomb of opinions just waiting to be exploded on the fans! We are delivering to you Alyssa’s love of the west and pairing it up with Joey’s love of the east. We will see show by show which argument comes out on top! Follow Alyssa Michelle @missespn89

Time Out with Mommy J.

Yes you heard it here first GoHRN not only will fill all of your sports needs but we are offering something for the moms as well. Time Out is a show dedicated to current, new and expecting mothers. Just like any other “time out” this show is an opportunity for you mothers to vent, let your hair down. Enjoy a glass of wine and just sit back to see who Mommy J has on the show this week? What exciting things does she have in store? Hilarious stories about her beautiful kids? Who is her quest this week? You will learn it all every Thursday night at 9:30pm Eastern Mommy J covers everything from babies to sex and all in between! You can follow Mommy J. @shikiz0718

Introducing College Sports Hustle

This show is the product of pure determination and hard work! Reggie Haynes of the TownBeef “no pads” football league is heading up this show of pure energy and excitement every Thursday 8:00pm eastern! He first brought his energy to BTW on Jan. 22, 2013 and since then a bond has been born between Reggie and the crew with GoH Brother Productions! So much that they had to ask him to not only write for www.btwsportstalk.com but also to bring his degree and talent for sports journalism to GoHRN. He has assured us that he will have some outstanding guest pretty often and opinions on sports that only he can bring. Reggie can be followed @reggieqb

BTW Presents: What’s Trending Now

This show has been nothing short of successful from the day of its debut and it will continue going forward. BTW’s crew of Big TJ, Monty and Joey Stats join together every Friday at 6:30pm eastern to discuss everything popular and trending by you the fans on twitter. We will discuss any and everything that is trending so if there is something in particular that you want to hear the crew give its opinion on I suggest you get your friends to help you make it a hit on twitter so that we can go in on it Friday Night! Are you strongerthanamaloofhandshake? Or a Hoeski?  This show is truly everything you love about BTW minus some of the sports substituted by some interesting topics and hilarious jokes!

“Just Coolin” With Big TJ and Monty

This two hour aphrodisiac takes place every Friday Night from 10pm to Midnight Eastern and it brings your favorite fan man Big TJ with your cool funny man Monty! They discuss any and everything ranging from sex, relationships, sex, partying, funny junk and sex! This show is Jay Leno if he really wanted to have fun and also if he were black. We have a new wonderful guest almost every first hour of the show but in the second hour you are liable to hear anything ranging from Ratchet Man to ***** Yes, see I can’t even type it here! So you have to tune in to The GoHRN to find out what is really going on with “Just Coolin!”

There you have it people! This is the Network of Champions and we have more to come! We have some shows that we haven’t even told you about yet but they are coming! I definitely want to thank everyone for joining on with the network and especially thank my partners in crime and success! Monty and Joey Stats for helping me make this thing happen!

Lets GoH!