Tuesday Power Polls

Today will start the weekly SECJams Tradition of the Power Polls. We will give you the power rankings of whatever we feel like that week. Basketball during Basketball season, football during football, We might even rank the hotness of SEC girls in the crowd. This weekly poll will be the talk of your friends. The first edition of the power poll will be SEC men's basketball teams from top to bottom.

Week 1 SEC Mens Basketball

1. Kentucky (9-1)- The mighty Wildcats of Kentucky are the number one team in the first power poll with no surprises to anyone.

2. Florida (9-2) - This group of Gators might be as good as the 2007 edition.

3. Mississippi State (11-1)- The Bulldogs are on a current 10 game winning streak, but this team has not been tested just yet.

4.Auburn (7-1)- The Tigers might be benefiting from bad weekend losses by some other teams in the poll, but hey they are 7-1.  

5. LSU (8-3)- This Tiger  team is a huge surprise and just had a huge upset overMarquette. They are on a 5 game winning streak and are on the rise in the polls after beating #10 in the nation Marquette.

6. Alabama(8-3)- The Tide have lost 3 of their last 4, and are a much better team than what they have shown the last two weeks.

7. Ole Miss (9-2)- The Rebels were looking to be ranked fairly high in the first power poll until their bad loss to Southern Miss on Saturday.

8. Arkansas (6-3)- First year coach Mike Anderson has this bunch of Hogs playing extremely hard, and do not be surprised if they upset some teams this season.

9. Vanderbilt (7-4)- The Commodores are a better team than their 7-4 record and their first power poll ranking at number 9. But with another terrible loss last week this Vandy team comes in at number 9.

10. South Carolina(4-6) The Gamecocks looked tough against Ohio Statethis weekend, but they were not able to hold off the Buckeyes.

11. Georgia (5-5)- The Bulldogs had high expectations for themselves going into the season and have not played up to those standards just yet.

12.Tennessee (3-6)- It has been a rough year for Tennessee fans, and I do not see any hope for them just yet. The basketballs Vols started the season strong with good performances against Duke and Memphis, but have not found that consistent performer on the court yet.