New studies are steadily appearing and making claims that a favored treat may not be as unhealthy as everyone has believed for so long. In fact, many of them are now saying that there may be quite a few benefits to be gained from partaking of a little bit each day. Dark chocolate might be part of the solution for living a healthier life.

Just so there are no misunderstandings, this does not mean one should live on chocolate alone. It means that when taken in moderation, this treat could provide certain benefits in several key areas. This treat does contain a fair amount of calories and fats, so it is recommended that one take a small bit each day.

It should be noted that these benefits are only derived from the dark version of this treat. While the white, bittersweet, milk and other varieties are equally as delicious, they do not possess the same characteristics. All chocolates are definitely not the same.

Studies suggesting that this type of candy may actually help a body lose weight were greeted with extreme excitement. The results showed that among test subjects, those who regularly consumed a small amount of this treat each day seemed to maintain a lower body mass index. Part of this is due to the fact that this variety has a high fiber content that tends to make a person feel fuller much longer and even curbs cravings for other sweet or salty snacks.

Many people automatically associate regular chocolate intake with steady acne outbreaks, but with the darker version, that myth has been shattered. This type is rich in flavonoids which are known to battle the free radicals that cause many undesired conditions such as acne, early aging and even cancer. There is no more delicious way to fight a healthy battle.

Everyone should still apply sunscreen regularly, but daily doses of this treat can help fight the effects of UV exposure over time. Caffeine is also found in the candy, providing a body with a tasty way to give one's metabolism a boost and keep a person moving and alert. No need to worry though, there is not as much of the stimulant in a piece of chocolate as there is in a cup of coffee as long as it is eaten responsibly.

When cold weather sets in and colds begin to be more commonplace, keeping a bit of this candy on hand may be more comfort than imagined. Another ingredient in this variety is theobromine, a natural source of cough relief. It may be possible to relieve those pesky persistently wracking fits without the risky side effects of medicinal elixirs.

Dark chocolate has a list of benefits that continues to grow as more and more studies are done. It also increases blood flow, which serves to lower the risk of stroke, help heart function and even make one think clearer. There are also signs to show that when taken in moderation, this treat enhances the mood in a natural way and may even help maintain a healthy insulin level and fight diabetes.