positive Hunan Provincial Attorney

In 2003-2006, the Japan-US companies underwriting profit of a total of 10,685 million yuan in Hunan Branch. The end of 2006, China Southern Airlines shares below a total ban on charter flights underwriting, the company's underwriting business in Japan and the United States was only canceled in February 2007, China Southern Airlines shares cooperative units to secure Beijing's new flight time and new routes to allow 1% to 3 % of passenger sales revenue implementation of incentive. Zhang Heping should Pang Hanzhang trustee agreed to implement incentive to "fight for Pang in Zhangjiajie - Beijing", "Nanjing - Beijing, Hangzhou - Beijing" routes. The Hunan Branch Pang Hanzhang signed a sales incentive agreement. Japan-US total access to routes 760 million before the Spring Festival in 2006, the Pang Hanzhang in Hainan Branch of China Southern Airlines shares contracted routes due to insufficient capacity to affect profits Zhang Heping, that help the deployment of the aircraft from the Hunan Branch of the incentive fee. Zhang Heping consent charge of arrangements Yanmou. Hunan Branch with Japan and the United States signed a the temporary charter agreement, the deployment of the  aircraft to fly "Sanya - Beijing routes help Japan and the United States in 2006 during the Spring Festival. Pang Hanzhang contracting North China Civil Aviation Bureau Tianqu hotels, seafood needs to be transported from Zhanjiang to Beijing. November 2007, Zhang Heping agree Daily Free Pang Han Zhang CZ3141 flight of cargo space transportation seafood for Pang to save the transportation costs to thank Zhang peace of help and care, Pang Han Zhang has 11 gave Zhang peace RMB 395 million yuan, HK 8000 yuan, TUDOR Tudor watches for men a total of RMB 396.8691 million the Southern Hunan Branch where, Yu Ka Chong, Kaifu District, Changsha City, the 25th Southern base, Block A, there is a piece of idle land. In the second half of 2006, Hunan Washington Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. For the development of the land, the company chairman Wang Huicheng Please Zhang Heping support. In the Zhang Heping arrangements, Hunan Branch established a special working group to negotiate with Washington in April 2007, on behalf of the Hunan Branch of Zhang Heping Wang Huicheng wife of Xu (Department of Washington legal representative) signed land use right transfer contract, conventions 3.567 acres of land use rights transfer to Washington developed more than 570 million of the total amount of the contract. Since then, Washington in Washington route project of commercial housing development on the land for the apportionment of the floor area ratio and building density, Wanghui Cheng Zhang Heping jointly agreed by the Hunan branch and Washington reported that construction. In October 2007, the Zhang Heping agreed Washington 1 routes estate building into the general plane of the Southern base planning and design. Zhang Heping podium disposition and Washington reached an agreement and passed the project to be built. In addition, Zhang Heping Wang Huicheng the trust should also, on behalf of the Hunan Branch to apply to the provincial government reported that construction fee relief. In March 2009, Washington won the 223 million reported that construction fee waiver 2007, the Hunan branch plans to relocate to the company's overall Xingsha, signed an agreement with the Changsha County. Wang Huicheng Please help Zhang Heping agreed to cooperate in the development, Zhang Heping promised. Hunan Branch and Washington on the project preparatory work for the second half of 2009, Wang Huicheng to Guangzhou to find any the Southern shares of chief engineer and general manager of the Aircraft Engineering Department, Zhang Heping, Zhang arrangements work to help their daughter Wang . The Zhang Heping then to Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company Limited (GAMECO) the Chinese greet people in charge, Wang recruited into the company court found to thank the of Zhang Heping help and care, Wang Huicheng seven <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Chaumet.html">Chaumet watches</a> times gave of Zhang Heping RMB 2,000,000 12.7698 million yuan, the purchase promotions renovation of 430,000 yuan, an Omega watch, RMB 257.1068 million in August 1998, four of Haite high-tech companies Guizhou Aviation Limited signed the machinery and equipment repair agreement. Zhang Heping was transferred to the general manager of Hunan Branch, should the trustee Lee again spring, airborne electronic equipment maintenance the Xiangte Company not handed over to the Haight high maintenance. August 2009, was transferred to China Southern shares chief engineer and general manager of the Aircraft Engineering Department of the peace, on behalf of China Southern shares with Hite high signed a The the aviation the attachments maintenance contract court verdict shows to thank Zhang Heping care, Lee again in spring and has 10 to Zhang Heping office gave Zhang Heping cash totaling 310,000 yuan but court also concluded that Zhang Heping recommended 12 period from May 1998 to 2002, China Southern Airlines shares to a vice president of the Guizhou Aviation Limited, due to the countries of the Southern shares holding company rather than the state-owned company, Guizhou Airlines Limited nor a state-owned company, so Zhang Heping, he served as deputy general manager of Guizhou Aviation Co., Ltd. can not be recognized as a national staff, in the meantime received 70,000 yuan Lee should not included <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Zenith.html">Zenith watch</a> in the amount of bribes, but the Department of the illegal proceeds shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury of relevant legal instruments, arrested for the crime of bribery, June 8, 2010, Zhang Heping Hunan Provincial People's Procuratorate on file for investigation. The next day, Zhang Heping, including China Southern Airlines staff of more than taken away by the Hunan Provincial Procuratorate. In fact, Zhang Heping be removed from office before the day has been the Changsha Public Security Bureau in criminal detention, the Zhang Heping June 24 arrest. February 28, 2011, the case was designated by the Hunan Provincial People's Procuratorate the Hengyang City People's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution of reporters in an interview that, in the case of alleged bribery handled Zhang Heping, positive Hunan Provincial Attorney authorities the right to arrest the review of job-related crimes on mentioning a reform. After the reform, the investigators changed the practice of breakthrough Zhang peace confessions as handling cases center of gravity, a comprehensive collection of objective evidence point sheets in the chain of evidence of a crime and to solve the case of valuable information. Comprehensive analysis of peripheral evidence, the prosecution based on the vast amount of evidence, information, and finally broke through the psychological defense of Zhang Heping.

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