So after watching a half+ of the starters, did they answer the three questions?1. How does the offensive line look?There weren't huge holes, but Jaquizz had about a much room as last year. Actually, after that 45 yard run, maybe a little more.No sacks on Canfield. That's good.Not sure we have answers, but it was a good showing.2. How's the secondary?Good tackling from the secondary. Almost a couple of picks. That's good. But the Vikings got a lot of yards in the passing game. Most of it was underneath. Nothing too long. So we'll see. Nothing definitive yet...3. Do the Rodgers brothers look 100%?Clearly, the answer is YES. They looked awesome as ever.How did you think the Beavs did?Good win. Now for a step up in competition. Let's beat UNLV!Go Beavs!

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