Chatted with freshman C.J. Wilcox a few weeks ago and we talked about his decision to redshirt this season, Washington's three-point shooting woes and what he does on his off days.

(You're a shooter, tell me why this team struggles on three-pointers?) "I don't know. I know we got guys who can definitely shoot. Sometimes the ball doesn't go in. That happens. When it doesn't, it's frustrating for everybody."

(Ever feel like you made the wrong decision in choosing to redshirt this season?) "I feel like I can help a little bit, especially when teams play zone and stuff. To get teams out of the zone. But I still think it's a good decision in the long run so I'm not really worried about that."

(Are you getting stronger, getting more acclimated to the college game?) "Yeah. I have extra...

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