Big Red Network is a Husker football site. But, we make exceptions for special occations like the Super Bowl. We also like to occationally demonstrate our creative chops by writing in verse. So, for the fourth straight year, we at BRN offer our Super Bowl prediction haiku. Even though nobody demanded it, we can't help but bring our lyrical 5-7-5 NFL prediction debate skills to our tens of tens of fans.

POINT Colts get a new ring. 18 in blue is too much. Who dat? It's the Colts!

- Darren

COUNTER POINT The Saints win the game. Even though Reggie Bush sucks, Drew Bees gets it done.

- Steve

(Editorial Note: Only one post for both of us this year because Steve is without power in the DC area. He called in his counter point to me via cell phone. That is commitment.)

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