Pittsburgh Steelers NFL fifth team powerhouse, the construction team on July 8, 1933, is the founder Arthur Joseph Rooney (Arthur Joseph Rooney). When they became the only ten teams in the NFL's Eastern Division team, they along with behind the city's baseball team named the Pittsburgh Pirates.However, in 1940, in order to better well-known symbol of Pittsburgh steel mills industry, Rooney will be the team was renamed the Steelers.

In the 1970s, the Steelers cast dynasty. Coach Chuck Noll (Chuck Noll) led, they had eight consecutive times to reach the playoffs, won four Super Bowl.

Noll (Noll) successor Bill (Bill Cowher) 2006 exam He led the fifth Steelers won the Super Bowl. The other team snatched the Super Bowl five times, respectively, the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Mike - Tomlin led the Steelers in 2009, won six Super Bowl trophies from thriving in the NFL.

Arthur Rooney (Arthur Rooney) died in 1988, his son, Dan Rooney (Dan Rooney) in 1975 to become chairman of the Steelers, Dan is still one of the most active, chairman in the NFL.

Now, the the Steelers value of $ 1.2 billion.