Finally the 2011-12 season for the Pittsburgh Panthers came to an end on Saturday in a 74-65 defeat against Connecticut.

What a forgettable season it has been. 

Pittsburgh finished with a 16-15 record and was a dreadful 5-13 in the Big East. They have lost six-of-seven heading into the Big East Tournament.

Not exactly clicking on all cylinders.

Connecticut shot 51 percent from the floor on Saturday in their 74-65 victory, a number that Pitt fans have seen surpassed or matched on several occasions by their unrecognizable defense.

Jim Calhoun made his return from health issues to coach the Huskies. It was great seeing him make his return in 2012.

Let's shift gears towards the soon-to-be last stand for the Panthers. "Tournament time" has come early for this year's Panthers. 

Pittsburgh has to win the Big East Tournament if they plan on making the NCAA Tournament.

Seems very unlikely.

However, they do have experienced guards in Tray Woodall and Ashton Gibbs, they have the pre-season Player of the Year selection Gibbs and they have history of having success at Madison Square Garden.

Also, the Big East is down this year, and Pitt has stayed semi-competitive with teams this season including a demolition of Georgetown so you never know.

That’s why they play the games. The great thing about this is: Any team has a chance.