I kind of, highly over estimated the Pistons in this one. Last month when the Pistons were the home team, the Heat started the game on a 12-0 run. Tonight they started the game on a 6-0 run and just like last time, the Pistons started to come right back. I thought it would be just like last time and the Pistons would have the Heat's number for the rest of the night. Though the Pistons would lead after 1 by 1 point, and eventually by at most 9, the good times had to end and my prediction would be completely wrong.

Unlike the last time these two teams played Dwayne Wade was present in the lineup.Lebron James and Wade eventually got incredibly synchronized, putting on a fun show with a mix of great passes and lob dunks. Wade had a great second quarter scoring 17. The Heat went into half with nine point lead. The second half is when it started getting bad to watch. Though the Pistons made several attempts to start a comeback, they all failed in the end. The highlight for them was for sure Andre Drummond getting a steal off of Dwayne Wade and throwing down a one handed jam. Sloppy play also was a reason for the Pistons fall. The Heat had 11 steals, and the Pistons had 8 fouls to make matters worse.

Let me point out how bad of a prediction I had. I said the Heat wouldn't even score 100  and that the Pistons would actually go over the century mark. Boy was I wrong, the Pistons failed to score 90 even, when the Heat scored 110. I probably should have thought about this one little bit more. The game was in Miami and the Pistons did beat the heat last time. The Heat obviously came out prepared and ready to get a win against a tea they should have no problem winning against. But eh I don't know that much about basketball, i just let the fan side of me take over in my pick to win.

Let me point out the game that Greg Monroe had. scoring 31 points and having 12 rebounds, he was easily the best Piston tonight. But like the rest of the Pistons he couldn't over come to the turnover bug having 3 of his own. This was also a game in which Jonas Jerebko, yes Jonas Jerebko got minutes of any sort,only his second appearance in a game since November 25th.

As I start writing more I'm going to write in a couple of different styles. Sometimes I'll just share my thoughts, and other times I'll write actual stories about the game, like I was a sports writer in real life.

The Pistons play next on Sunday so I'll probably write about that game before then.