Life is beautiful because it’s colorful and can surprise us every single day. It resembles a huge magic ball full of spectacular images and an endless flow of information, which exceeds our time limits and potentials. We can gather information all day long isolating the most preferable issues, which we can share with our friends, colleagues and relatives.

The philosophy of social media in the web was based on this need, and hence, people embraced them with excitement since they could easily get in touch with other people sharing interests, knowledge, information or even some secrets.

Yet, people have different interests and follow different lifestyles. They have different hobbies and pursue different goals. As a consequence, they spend too much time on the web searching for other people, who may share the same dreams.

We all remember the old fashioned cork boards, where we used to pin our favor pictures and important notes. It was an effort to gather information at a specific post, notify our family about a doctor’s appointment, inform our friends in college about a new band or just share with our coworkers the first painting of our daughter.

The great success of pinterest was the transition of the traditional cork board to the web in the form of illustrations. If your favorite hobby is home decoration, for example, you probably search for new information in the internet all day long. The secret is to find a method that will help you save the amazing site that you found and share it with your friends as well. It’s simple and brilliant. You just go to your personal board and pin up the image that you found. Then, you can also write the small comment you yearn to share with your friends, and you are ready. Your hobby is not only yours any longer, it belongs to million other people around the planet as well, who have the pleasure of sharing your small discovery.

If you still have some doubts about pinterest, think about it the other way around since you can also see other people’s boards and you can repin or transfer images with new pins on your board. It’s a simple and vivid procedure as your board never stays the same. The new information alters rapidly since each minute there are millions of pins and repins. The same time you are sharing a beautiful red couch, you can find out about a great recipe.

Pinterest is not just another social media that takes advantage of your need for communication. It is part of a global effort to organize and exchange information, not in a chaotic way, but according to certain rules and based on common interests. If your board is related to home decoration, you will not find too many pins from people, who live in hotels, the same way you wouldn’t repin on a motorcycle board.

In reality, it’s about getting in touch with people, who share the same interests as you. You can offer joy with only a pin and get informed by clicking repin.