The idea seemed like a lot of fun: contact the media relations offices of all 120 Division I Football Bowl Subdivision teams and ask them for their 2010 poster.

There are some I’m still waiting to hear from after three emails (yes Michigan I’m talking about you) and there are many who have cut out posters because of budget cuts. I’ve seen some outstanding posters from teams that never sent them to me, so if you didn’t take the time to email me one you’re not included in the rankings.

Then there are the nearly 70 who were kind of enough to send me an electronic version of their poster (or posters … thanks Vanderbilt for the four versions that are consistent with an advertising campaign).

The original goal was to rank them by conference and the do a Top 25. Only one problem … I didn’t get a complete set from any conference. So that brings us to now.

With the help of Ryan, an art director by day and podcaster at when the mood hits him, we individually graded each poster on the following criteria:

1. Clarity (Is it clear who the poster is for?)

2. Schedule (Clear and easy to follow)

3. Photo quality

4. Uniqueness/Creativity

5. Eye appeal

6. “Coolness” factor

In the event of a tie, the team with the highest individual category score was placed on top and so on. Each category was graded from 1-10, with 10 being the best. The best overall category score is 20, the best overall score on any individual ballot is 60 and the best overall score is 120.

Thanks again to all of the SIDs and marketing folks who were kind enough to forward me the images that you’ll see today.

So come along for the ride with us as we ranked No. 50 to No. 1. To make it easier, I posted it as a slideshow at Bleacher Report, which is a much easier format for this type of story.