When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than having a fire roaring in the hearth. LP Gas Logs is an effective alternative heating system which can be used to replace a wood burning fire. This system is integrated with realistic looking wood pieces and resembles a real wood fire.

The heating system is fueled by natural or propane fuel and the output can vary between 10 000 and 32 000 BTUs. The wood pieces are crafted to resemble burnt American Oak wood along with the dancing flames and glowing embers that simulate the real fire. The system is connected to an electrical ignition system which comes with battery backup which saves on energy costs and will work when there is a power outage.

As it can be controlled via remote control, it can start up or shut down the system. The heat output and the height of the flames are controllable. As an extra feature, an Oxygen Depletion Sensor is part of the package which can be installed for safety purposes. If the sensor detects a depletion of oxygen, it will shut the heater down automatically.

If there is a false fireplace or there is no proper ventilation, a vent free or unvented heater can be installed. This heater burns the fuel in a white hot flame which results in total fuel combustion. As a result, very little smoke and carbon monoxide is emitted. As a byproduct of combustion, there will be some moisture in the air but the moisture could be a good thing so that the air doesn't dry out, however; that will also dissipate quickly.

As with any source of fire or heat, the safety considerations should be taken into account. One cannot come too close to the heat source with anything that is flammable. One shouldn't fall asleep and keep the system running.

The reason that the vented system is so popular is because the wood pieces are crafted to look exactly like wood. They are also moveable and substances that resembles embers and pine cones can be added to give it that realistic look. It burns a realistic yellow flame, hence the reason for the ventilation.

The vented heating system works exactly the same way as a real fire except one need not clean out the debris after the fire is out. Therefore; the vented system only works in a fully functional fireplace. If the chimney doesn't work there are other ways to vent the heat such as venting pipes, but it is costly to install and could contradict building or zoning codes. Therefore; when installing such a system, one should ensure that no building codes are violated.

Both the vented and the unvented systems are popular for various reasons. They both resemble real wood burning fires. One cannot install one of these systems unless one is a professional HVAC installation technician. It cannot be installed on as a "do it yourself" project because it is complicated to install. Installing LP Gas Logs systems is for the professional.

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