Sometime around 9:30PM yesterday I posted about how Pens GM Ray Shero made some great moves to acquire Doug Murray and Brenden Morrow.  I was a happy Penguins fan.  I was sure the Stanley Cup would be making a visit to Pittsburgh, so I got ready for bed. that's when it happened, that's when just before bed I decided to check my Twitter, that's when I heard Shero went all in, and again didn't give up a single player on our current roster.  Shero managed to acquire Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames.

Shero is somehow Jedi Mind tricking people into giving him exactly what he needs and for next to nothing.  He is trading away young players who may or may not turn into decent NHL players.  In this deal he sent Ben Hanowski and Ken Agostino along with the Pens 2013 first round pick to Calgary. This is the deal that cost Shero the most, but it was well worth it, if for no other reason that to watch everyone in Boston melt down.  You see, they went to bed thinking Iginla agreed to become a Bruin.  Truth is he picked Pittsburgh, and we love him already.

Imagine being the opposite team and looking at a line up that had the following names on the card: Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz, Iginla, Morrow, Murray, Letang, Sutter, Dupuis, Fleury, Cooke, Niskanen..... I don't think I would take the ice.

Shero went all in, and Penguins fans couldn't be happier.