This might sound crazy to most people but it's not that far fetched, can the Indianapolis Colts make the Super Bowl with all their injuries? I honestly think they can when you have Peyton Manning at quarterback. When he's not in a slump, Manning is an unstoppable force.

Manning was in the biggest slump of his career during the New England, San Diego, and Dallas games throwing 11 interceptions in those three games. Ever since though against Tennessee and Jacksonville, Manning has thrown four touchdowns and no interceptions during these two games. I don't see Peyton stopping anytime soon with is no interceptions streak against either Oakland or Tennessee.

I see Indianapolis beating both the Raiders and Titans and making the playoffs. Also, I see the Colts playing the Baltimore Ravens in a playoff rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium. Again, I see Peyton Manning torching the Ravens secondary even with a healthy Ed Reed in a Colts win.

Then, Indianapolis in my predictions will travel to New England to play Tom Brady and the Patriots in a divisional round showdown. Even with Austin Collie and Joseph Addai probably out for the season, I still see Peyton Manning and the Colts defense showing up and beating the Patriots in the snow. The media will finally show respect for the Colts when they pull off this major upset.

Indianapolis will travel to Pittsburgh to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game at Pittsburgh. If Peyton Manning can show up this playoff season I see Indianapolis going to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning could beat Pittsburgh then head to the Super Bowl in Dallas.

I see Peyton Manning being his original self this postseason if they make it. If he doesn't turn into the Manning from the end of November to the first week of December. Jacob Tamme I see being the x factor in the post season and being Peyton Manning's security blanket.

If Manning can be his original self this could be a magical year for the injury ravaged Indianapolis Colts. After what I witnessed sunday when they shut down the Jaguars running game and they torched their defense, it looks like 2006 all over again for the Colts. I believe if Peyton Manning performs well, they could shock the NFL this season in the playoffs.