That's right! You heard it here first! Paul the psychic octopus landed a 3 million dollar movie deal this week with MGM and Columbia Pictures. 

Paul's claim to fame came at this years World Cup where he successfully predicted the winner of the WC and going eight for eight in other WC predictions.

But now, the mollusk has gone Hollywood! Paul agreed to play the villain in the next James Bond movie.

Well, not the villain, but rather the villians pet that makes most of the decision for the, not yet named, foe. Think of him as the Two-Face (Harvey Dent) character from the Batman franchise who flips a coin as a way of solving his indecisive problem.

This is not the first time a pet has been used in a James Bond flick. Dr. No, Bonds first villain, had a pet cat.

A unidentified source from the studio leaked information that the movie will be an entire revamp of the 1983 thriller, Octopussy with Roger Moore as Bond. Haha, Octopussy.

In this installment, the antagonist is an international gambler who bets on fixed games. The foe is at one point walking the Las Vegas strip with Charles Barkley and discussing a debt the form NBA player owes. 

As for Paul's roll. When the Big Boss is presented a problem; for example: a man tries to cheat him. The boss tosses in two containers with clams inside for Paul to choose from. One case may has a gun draw on it, the other a sword. Which ever one Paul chooses, that weapon will be used on the hornswoggler.

There is also some talk that the movie will take place at the same time as the World Cup, so this makes for a interesting speculation on WC results this year. As for my opinion, looks like Tinsel Town is running out of idea.