By:Kyle Caso


Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce raised a championship banner back in 2008.  Kevin Garnett played six years in which he played in 6 all star games,84 playoff games and a game six in Boston in which the Celtics won their 17th championship. Paul Pierce played 15 seasons in which he played in 10 all star games and 136 playoff games. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will be Celtics for life.

    Today marked the day of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's turn to the TD Garden. Hours before the game the TD Garden was a place of stories,memories and emotion. 

    Paul Pierce suited up for the game in the visiting locker room but that didn't stop him from getting back to the Celtics side of tunnels. Paul Pierce's pre game tradition for his 15 years in Boston was to go into the equipment room with the equipment manger Pete Chrisafideis and prepare for the game in silence. Well Paul Pierce decided to do that just one more time.

    When it was time for the PA announcer to announce the starting lineups all the fans rose and showed there Garnett and Pierce jersey as far as the eye could see and waited until Kevin Garnett was announced and the crowd went wild and when it didn't seem like it could get any louder at the Garden Paul Pierce went to stand side by side with Kevin and the crowd went ballistic.

    After the tribute video's and highlight reels were done it was game time… or was it? All throughout the game there were thank you's,throwback team media videos and highlight reels of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. 

    Towards the end of the first half Paul Pierce was holding for the final shot and the crowd was cheering for him and booing Brandon Bass when he fouled Pierce to prevent him from getting a shoot off. Pierce admitted to Chris Broussard right before entering the locker room for half time that it was kind off taking him out of his game.

    The game its self would be dull with a half time score of 34-35. Things wouldn't get interesting until 4:30 left in the fourth when the Celtics would get the score with in three at 73-70. The Nets would pull away but Rondo got them back in the game with a three to make the score 80-77.With 34 seconds left The Celtics would give the ball to Rondo who would be striped by no other then Kevin Garnett who would take it coast to coast for a dunk to put the game away.