Parkersburg WV, 29-APR-2013 - Dr. Stephen Wells D. C., and his staff in the Parkersburg chiropractor center are happy to introduce safer techniques that will help in the relief of painful headaches.

The staff in the Mountaineer Chiropractic is happy to offer safe solutions for headaches. Dealing with tension headaches and migraines can lead to a horrible day, missing work, and irritability. Dr. Stephen Wells has developed new and safer techniques to work with the spine and neck to help alleviate these issues.

These effects work with the upper spine to help with alignment and prevent the pinching of nerves in the neck that can cause severe and disabling headaches. The first concept is to reduce the symptoms as much as plausible, correct the symptoms, followed by continued wellness. These advanced steps work with every body type although some may take longer than others depending on the level of pain and problem.

The team at Mountaineer Chiropractic is here to help and make sure that problems are a thing of the past. Imagine a life with little to no headaches, regardless if they are from stress and tension or migraines. Speak to Dr. Wells or one of the staff members today to see how spinal adjustments, done safely, can be a help to your life.

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