Legendary senior writer jclombardi, Packers lead blogger & NFC North columnist reports Lions DT Suh disgraced the losers and the NFL again with another dirty Sunday.

During the Lions vs Colts game, Lions defensive tackle Suh committed another dirty hit to a Colts lineman knocking him unconscious.  What happened next is revealing about the scumbag Lions DT and his bottom dwelling team, especially considering his past dirty plays involving our players: 

The Lions have a smoldering reputation of being less than sportsmanlike, and the key figure for that perception provided more fuel to fire on Sunday. Lions defensive tackle Suh buried Colts right tackle Winston Justice during Don Carey’s interception return. The hit left Justice with a concussion and knocked him out of the game. But Suh and some teammates showed no sympathy, standing over the fallen Colt and laughing and dancing. 

COMMENTARY: The NFL failed to punish this scumbag with the proper suspensions to get the lunatic animal off the field for the benefit of  the sports and fans. When they talk about a player's safety, but they fail to make the proper punishment to fit the crime, you gotta wonder what is going on especially when the scumbag is allowed to celebrate on national television.

As ESPN pointed out, the league should not insult our intelligence with weak fines and no suspensions to stop the out-of-control Lions DT. He should be banned from the game. Meanwhile, as a footnote to these losers, Packers fans can contrast these disgracing realities to the Lions blogger O' Hara's Monday Countdown [LOSER] promoting the lunatic Lions DT with these laughable positive remarks: "That was one monster game by Suh with [clean] six tackles, a sack, four tackles for losses, six quarterback hits and a pass breakup. Andrew Luck has good reason to dislike Suh for the punishment he gave him within the rules" [REALLY?].