Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North featured columnist jclombardi presents Packers vs 49ers winning game plan.

COMMENTARY: Eventually the Packers get tired of losing again, again, and again against a NFC powerful nemesis. For three straight games, the Packers lost to the 49ers: the 30-22 loss in the NFL 2012 season, the following 45-31 playoff loss & the opening 34-28 game defeat in the NFL 2013 season.  Sunday, playing in Lambeau Field in their 1st playoff game against the 49ers, its time for the Packers to draw the battle line in the sand and develop a winning game plan. The game plan: use the successful Manning game plan to score, score & score with no-huddle offense with the defense coming up with big turnovers.

Fans can seriously consider these forecasts from insiders:

Two assistant coaches for teams that recently played the 49ers picked the Packers to win. "The 49ers' defensive line and linebackers are about as good as it gets," said one assistant. "But the weakness of their team is the secondary. "Aaron Rodgers will have a big day against that defense. If Matt Ryan was able to score 24 (Dec. 23), the Packers should score 31. So Green Bay, 31-21. If you give Aaron Rodgers time, he'll kill that secondary." The other assistant called it Green Bay, 24-20, partly because he said the forecast is 11 degrees, winds at 14 mph & 20% chance of snow favoring the home team.

Further the scouting report points out another weak link in the 49ers defense being the effectiveness of their four-man rush. Further their game plan will include to use exotic blitzes against the Packers to pour an open man to pressure QB Rodgers.  Simply the Packers must plan their pass protection for predictable exotic blitzes and stunts to counter them giving Rodgers time to tear apart the 49ers weak secondary.  

Finally, if the Seahawks can beat the 49ers, then of course the Packers can win!