Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North columnist jclombardi reports ViQueen fan arrested for "gayish" outfit at Green Bay bar.

Photo credit: courtesy of Deadspin.

On the lighter side from the Packers victory over the ViQueen losers, the Green Bay police reported arresting the famous "stranger in purple sombrero" after a fight broke out among a crowd outside Lambeau Field across in the parking lot. Two men were arrested and an elderly man hospitalized after the victim was knocked unconscious after a futile attempt to break the fight up in the parking lot of the Sideline Sports Bar.

Of course, the brawl happened after the ViQueens lost to the Packers in Holy Lambeau Stadium. One guy arrested was from Minnesota, the other from Green Bay, and then a third guy was arrested after detailed description profile from Packers fans and search for the drunk fool:

Officers charged a 40-year-old Lakeland, Minn., man with felony substantial battery after the 3:36 p.m. incident. They arrested the man after bystanders described him to police. Police radio broadcasts during the incident said authorities were seeking a man wearing a purple sombrero.

A Packers fans said, "A Viking in a sombrero? Looks like Erik of Nordsjælland had too much mead at the office holiday party!"  Another Packers fan said, "30 people fighting and only 2 go to jail? 1 from each side? Good to see the NHL hockey referees have found work as Green Bay police." Meanwhile, the polices also arrested one person for possession of marijuana and one for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, while 15 people got ejected and sung "Take Me Out To The...."