Legendary senior writer & NFC columnist jclombardi tribute to legendary QB Favre & MVP QB Rodgers.

COMMENTARY: For a week, fans were told the last time that the Detroit Lions won in Lambeau Field was on Dec. 15, 1991. Quarterback Erik Kramer beat the Pack 21-17 with a strong rushing performance by Hall of Famer running back Sanders rushing for 85 yards on 27 carries. Packers QB Mike Tomczak threw for only 207 passing yards and shortly cut. For 1992 season, the Packers finished with a dismal 3-12 record. 

Now, during the 1992-1993 timeline, the retired GM Wolf made the big offseason trade for backup Atlanta Falcons quarterback Brett Favre. After his famous comeback victory, QB Favre became the starter. During the next sixteen season, QB Favre did not lose to the Lions at Lambeau Field. Meanwhile, with legendary retired QB Favre's divorce and departure for greener pickings in NY and MN, MVP QB Rodgers has continued the streak now into 22 years.