Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North columnist jclombardi presents Packers "great, good, bad & ugly" awards.


1. WR Jones--4 big receptions for 137 yards & 1 stellar touchdown.

2. WR Cobb--4 receptions for 35 yards & 2 carries for 62 yards (97 total yards).

3. OLB Perry--two sacks and forced fumble.


1. Rookie RB Lacy--99 yards rushing. Packers ran 24 plays for 286 yards averaging 11.9 ypc.

2. QB Rodgers--274 yards with 5 passes over 20 yards and  1 touchdown.

3. Offensive line--great protection allowing 1 sack.


1. TE Taylor--dropped a potential touchdown catch.

2. OT Bakhtiari--allowed 5 pressures.


1. Detroit Lions including DT Suh again attempting to trip Packers QB Rodgers and center Raiola allegedly called one female band member a "c--t," mocked the weight of a trombone player, and made homophobic remarks about band member Zach York.

2. Packers ILB Hawk--had seven tackles with only two were stops. In coverage he allowed six of seven balls to be completed for 68 yards, while the seventh was a potential interception thrown straight at him that he dropped.