The Labrador is an intelligent, loving and cuddly creature that can also be trained to become a highly skilled detective. The Labrador makes for an excellent bed bug dog in New England. They have noses that have super powers and they can detect the slightest evidence of these tiny pests that are sometimes too small for even the human eye.

Common places for these infestations are hotels, B&B's, motels and other vacation spots. In order to identify infestations in safe, eco-friendly manner, pest control companies have discovered that the Labrador breed can be specifically trained to smell these creatures. This kind of identification does not require intense spraying of chemicals and provides gainful employment for the pooch.

The Labrador that is specifically trained will come and identify potential infestations in a safe way that doesn't include serious chemical introductions. These animals have the ability to smell even one of these pests so they are a very effective way of looking for tiny critters. There can be serious consequences for a hotel to have even a small problem with the pests.

There are very serious ramifications if a hotel has an infestation that has not been discovered or treated because they can forego their credibility, their quality status or even put them out of business. There have been other cases where the sufferers have sued hotels for their discomfort and medical bills. The costs can be endless for a vacation spot therefore; rooms have to be searched regularly for infestations.

In the past, DDT which is a dangerous chemical was used to exterminate the pests indoors and outdoors. Soon, however, it was found that DDT was toxic to the wildlife, environment and the human body. Links were found between the chemical and such disease as cancer, diabetes and blood disorders and the substance was subsequently banned.

So, pest control companies had to invent other means of identifying small pests and eradicating them. The Labrador became the next best thing. It can be trained to smell out the pests and are often used in the hospitality industry to check for infestations. These animals are brought in on a regular basis to see if there are any such bugs at all. If left too long, an infestation can become a really big problem which results in burning furniture.

Once the insect was identified and required extermination, and exterminators had to find better and safer ways to kill the pests off. Diatomaceous earth was found to be an effective means of pest extermination. It is a fine powder of sedimentary rock mixed with algae that are fossilized, which is used for their qualities to absorb damp substances. It was found that this substance will immediately kill off an infestation of the insects by means of smothering.

Using the earth in conjunction with a bed bug dog in New England is most definitely a better way to identify and eradicate potential disastrous consequences. The people won't suffer from being bitten or poisoned by chemicals. The hospitality establishment won't have to rid themselves of expensive furniture, provided that the searches are done regularly, and can save themselves a huge cost in the future.

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