300 million luxury car <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Burberry.html">Burberry replica watch</a> how to choose five Ashkenazi luxury car shopping guidePorsche always clever models to introduce the rich design inspiration, since the successful promotion of the SUV models, this four-door hatchback coupe Panamera became Porsche brand new cars masterpiece in maintaining the essence of the Porsche Brand no one enemy the will perfectly comfortable with handling the unique combination of, creating a sense of control. Recently, according to the online auto market price monitoring system display, the current Porsche Panamera of the entire department are cars need to book According to the Beijing area Porsche sales personnel, store sales of all models of Porsche Panamera now had no car, need to book, deposits for $ 50,000, about to the car before the end of <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Raymond-Weil.html">Raymond Weil watch </a> the year. Price, Porsche Panamera currently no promotions, recommendations like the car of a friend can contact your local dealer for more information Porsche-Panamera Porsche current fourth model, the Panamera appearance of a lot of places with Porsche The type is very similar, you can <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Hysek.html">Hysek watches</a> think of it like lowering the chassis Cayenne 911 like elongated concurrent blessing, it can also be seen as the sports car sector heterogeneous, but it does not see the Panamera appearance not coordination place, the overall look is a luxury car and sports car combination, do not believe Porsche fans can see at a glance the Porsche four-door coupe Panamera Porsche car body size, length 4970mm, width 1900mm, 1400mm. The wheelbase also reached 2900mm, oversized body and nearly two tons of weight, Panamera deserved flagship models of Porsche cars. Between the BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series, for a four-door sports car this size called luxury. But Porsche Panamera's successful positioning, but also for its gather a lot of consumers love it. Just as there is less capacity and relative to higher pricing and not impress those still in hesitation consumers, but if you already have this model favorite for a long time, then shot the Order would be a good choice. Shengda

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