Sunscreen, check. Sunglasses, check. Lucky Hawkeye boxers, check. New custom Hawkeye gold mohawk, check. Orange Bowl tickets, check. Well, I guess I'm ready. As are about 40,000 other Hawkeye faithfuls. Miami here we come. Georgia Tech here we come.

Aside from enjoying the warm weather and scantily clad women, of which I intend to enjoy my fair share, Iowans will also be treated to on hell of a game on January 5th at Land Shark Stadium against a very tough Georgia Tech team.

In Iowa's first ever game versus ninth ranked Georgia Tech (11-2, 7-1 ACC), the strength of the Hawkeye Defense will be the determining factor of the game. This is nothing new to this year's squad. However, the triple option run by QB Josh Nesbitt and RB Jonathon Dwyer (the ACC's all-time dual running threat)...

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