For 2 weeks Osi Umenyiora sat out practice, complained about his  "sore" knee, and rode a bike while the rest of the team practiced and studied. But Osi decided to get back on the field today. Why? No one knows.

Umenyiora took over the right side on the defensive line in practice today, and there were no signs of his knee bothering him. His speed helped him get passed the left tackle William Beatty, and he looked sharp.

"He was spirited. jumps right in there, tries to beat the ball like he normally does. It was really good to see him back." Coughlin said after practice during his presser.

But even though he is back, he's still unhappy with his contract, and the "saga" is not over.

Tom Coughlin is hoping for the Umenyiora Saga to be over, but the other defensive end Justin Tuck doesn't think it will, at least for now.

“Just because he’s back on the football field doesn’t mean this whole saga is over,” Tuck said during his press conference this morning.

The only reason why Umenyiora is back that I can think of, is that he didn't want to lose his starting defensive end spot to Jason Pierre-Paul who had a stellar game against the Panthers on Saturday with 2 sacks and 4 tackles.

Jason Pierre-Paul on the other hand rotated with Tuck and Umenyiora during practice today.

“Basically it’s going to be a rotation again and the coaches already told me that I’m going to be working both sides,” Pierre-Paul told reporters. “I’ll be playing right end and left defensive end. That’s how I played last year.”

It's certainly not a bad issue for the coaches.

Why do you think Osi Umenyiora has returned to practice?

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