IT'S OVER --- 59-52.

FANS ARE LEAVING --- With 25.3 seconds left, several fans are making their way to the exits. UW is up 59-52.

BACK ON THE THREAD --- Filed the game story. Overton sank two FTs to give UW a 58-52 lead with 35 seconds left.

BEST GAME OF THE SEASON --- Regardless of the outcome, this is a great game. UW 52-47 at 4:09.

SLOWING DOWN --- Got to slow down on the thread and write the game story. UW 43-39 at 9:21.

UW LEADS --- Turner put UW on top 40-37 at 11:15.

ALL THE WAY BACK --- Thomas sank a three-pointer to tie the game. UW 37-37 at 12:22.

ALMOST ALL THE WAY BACK --- Pondexter sank a layup that cut UW's deficit to four. OSU 35-11 at 14:08.

HUSKY PRESS --- Unlike the USC defeat, the Huskies have gone to the press early in the second half and it looks to be working. UW's...

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