EUGENE, OREGON -- Nearly a year later,  Washington Husky fans are still whining about the Oregon Ducks running a hurry-up offense while holding a 39-16 lead with only 10 minutes left in the game

So when LaMichael James went down to an injury against the California Golden Bears Thursday night in Eugene, cheers of joy erupted in frat houses and bars across the Western Hemisphere! 

Rival fans have oft-accused super Duck coach Chip Kelly of deliberately padding scores during garbage time in an effort to make his uniform-challenged squad look deceivingly lopsided and dominating.

Pundits across the east, normally sawing logs by the time these games are over on the West Coast, perhaps wouldn’t notice that the Ducks had actually piled on several touchdowns long after the opponents had all but given up?

Evidence? Plenty.

Even in the game they lost this year, the Ducks piled on a late touchdown to make an otherwise 40-20 loss look a bit more respectable at 40-27 with a scant 13 seconds left.

Against Nevada with only 3:56 left in the game and a 55-20 lead, Oregon piled on an additional 14 points when most teams would have been taking knees and doing anything to keep from further embarrassing the opposing coach.

Not Oregon.

Against Arizona two weeks later, sporting a 49-31 lead with only six minutes left in the game, the Ducks still had James in the game, rushing five straight times, as the Ducks piled on another late touchdown to make it 56 total points.

What, pray tell, was James doing in the Arizona game with six minutes left and a three-touchdown lead?

So, when the same James went down against the California Golden Bears in the fourth quarter, with the Ducks already holding a 36-15 lead and driving, there seemed to be a bit of Karma-tic justice when the stud running back was carted off the field with his arm in a sleeve.

And that is not a cheery that LaMichael got injured, but more a cheer that Oregon finally is paying the price for something that has annoyed rival fans for several years now.

Why was LaMichael James in the in the game at this point?

Were the Ducks holding grudges because the Golden Bears had only lost by two points last year during the 2010 undefeated Pac-10 romp?

Was this revenge, to have a Heisman-candidate running back racking up cheap yardage long after this game had been decided?

The Ducks averaged 52 point a game in their first four games this season.  Did Chip Kelly really feel 36 points weren’t quite enough?

Frankly, the Ducks got exactly what they deserved to have a key player injured due to running up the score during garbage time.

It’s about time!

Not many rivals in the Pac12 will be dropping tears over this one.