Orange fruit is very common in daily life, so what kind of weight-loss method should we take during weight loss? Here to recommend to you an orange law reducing weight, to help you quickly and effectively achieve the slimming purposes.

Principle of oranges reducing weight:

The oranges are called "healing, good fruit, rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C, beta carotene, citric acid, hesperidin, and aldehydes, alcohols, alkenes and other nutrients. Oranges rich in cellulose and is low in calories and contain natural sugar, can replace dinner, candy, cake and other food, peopel who like to eat sweets but in weight loss can choose to eat oranges to satisfy your appetite. The oranges are rich in fiber, so eating more can help defecate, can discharge the toxin.

List of quick weight loss of orange:

Breakfast: a tomato, an egg, a cup of fresh juice.

Lunch: a bowl of steamed egg, a bowl of tomato soup, an orange.

Afternoon tea: a cup of fresh juice.

Dinner: a tomato, an egg, an orange.

When using this method to lose weight, it is best not to eat other food, only water to drink. In between the two meals you can drink a cup of fresh juice, or a small amount of vegetables salad. In addition, the meal can be used only for 4 days, stop for two weeks after the start, to the consumption of vegetable and fruit in the inactive stage.

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Orange daily diet:

Breakfast: in the morning after getting up to drink a cup of warm water with salt, then eat an egg and a bowl of porridge.

Lunch: a bowl of vegetable soup, the amount of meat, a bowl of rice.At afternoon tea time you can eat an orange or a cup of fresh juice.

Evening: a plate of vegetables, a bowl of rice,again eat an orange one hour later.

If you stick to use the above diet method, whether to lose weight or stay in shape,you will obtain a very good effect.You can arrange Vegetables according to your own preferences, but stay away from greasy food . Usually also regularly exercise, diet and exercise together and a better weight loss effect, also can maintain long-term slim figure.

Suitable for the crowd: Cellulite obesity.