Lakewood, OH, 12-FEB-2013 - Lakewood College is pleased to announce that the institution is focused on helping military spouses to achieve the benefits of a college education. The person married to a member of the armed services has had a difficult time completing the requirements of a degree, diploma or certification, due to the uncertainty of where they will be living before the courses can be completed. Military spouse education benefits make it much easier to complete and pay for the costs of the coursework.

Because Lakewood College offers its courses via the World Wide Web, its classes are available anywhere there is a broadband internet connection. The class time is scheduled at the convenience of the student, so getting to a physical location is not required. For those individuals who are in a different time zone, being able to work around the local time is particularly helpful.

With traditional coursework, an individual married someone in the military might be unable to complete a course for several reasons. A family in the military might be required to go to a new duty station before the certificate, degree or diploma coursework is finished. This can mean loss of the monies paid for tuition, books or lab fees, since refunds are usually strictly limited once the deadline for withdrawal has passed.

A course may not be easily broken up into semesters, quarters or other time periods. When a student moves to another location in a traditional institution, the progress of the course may be different. The same topics are not always presented in the same order. Different institutions use different textbooks as well.

The courses that Lakewood offers are ones that are usable in the ordinary life of the spouse. The student is able to progress toward a certificate, degree or diploma in the career of choice. These are marketable careers. Having a second income in the family is beneficial. The reward of a viable and marketable education is often enough benefit. The military spouse is able to be sure of a useful and rewarding career with recognized credentials.

Learn more about military spouse education benefits through Lakewood College by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the details in this press release are encouraged to contact the College at the location provided below.

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