Timothy March

It's not sports related, but bear with me.

On the eve of one of the most tragic events in our nations history many thoughts are running through each of our heads.  Sadness, anger, and despair just to name a few.  But while we remember those who were lost tomorrow, there is one way we can honor the victims simply by going outside of our comfort zone.

Paying it forward. A simple concept that can be extremely impactful.  It's going out of your way for a very small amount of your time.  Paying it forward all starts with one act.  Taking some canned goods to a local shelter, seeking out the lonely person on the bus and saying "hello", even as little as a smile to the elderly woman passing you on the street.  It could be the simplest thing to you, but might make a world of difference to the other person.  And if someone does something nice for you, "pay it forward" and do something nice for another, or 3 others, or even 10 others.

Where am I going with this?

What better way to honor those lost than to "pay it forward"? Do something nice for a total stranger, smile at the mailman, hold the door for the person behind you.  And do it in the name of one of those lost on 9/11.  Visit the hospital with flowers for someone who doesn't get many visits, and simply say this was for Gordon M Aamoth Jr, or Vincent Abate, or even Eric L. Bennett, or any other person's name who was lost that day (here is a list). 

Think about the impact that this could make in someone's life.  It could be their "worst day ever", a simple smile from a stranger, or a "hello" could change the entire day for them.  It seems simple, but the movement could be endless.  Will you be the one who brightens someone else's day, so they can do the same for another, and another, and another?  Can you be the one who starts a movement that creates a little less hate in a world that has far too much already? Is the deed you do the one who saves someone's life, or even stops someone from doing something unthinkable?

So as we honor those who were lost, those who served, and those who endure, let us try to make this world a more livable place one small step at a time.  Will you be the one who's good deed changes a generation?  After all, one smile can change the world.