Scoop: What did you learn about Manny Pacquiao on the press tour that you previously did not know? Did you get any insights into his character?

Brandon Rios: "I really didn't know Manny Pacquiao. I know Manny Pacquiao is a good person, he never says nothing bad, he's a gentleman. I really can't say I learned something different about him because I really didn't talk to him."

Scoop: Why are you going to beat him?

Brandon Rios: "Why? Because I want it. I want this. I want this. I need it. And I worked all my life to get to this point. And I'm not gonna let it slide for nothing. It's my time. I'm young, I'm hungry and I want that."

Scoop: Why are you a better fighter than Manny Pacquiao?

Brandon Rios: "What makes me a better fighter than Manny is I'm young, I'm dedicated to this sport. It's not a job or a hobby, I got a passion. I love it. I love this sport."

Scoop: Why do you love boxing?

Brandon Rios: "The reason why I love the sport of boxing is...I'm really hyper. I've got a hyper disorder thing. I'm very hyper, I'm very outgoing, I love to be around people. It helps me out, calms me down. When I'm not fighting or training, when I'm at home, to tell you the truth, I get antsy, anxious, I get like ARRRRRRRGGH. I just want to hit something. Like literally, AARRRRRRGH.

Scoop: Boxing is your release?

Brandon Rios: "Yeah, that's a release. I need to do something. My kids are the same way too. My kids do the same shit too. They're very like me. That's why I'm boxing so much. Because it helps me out, it calms me down."

Scoop: Do you remember the first famous boxer you ever met or encountered?

Brandon Rios: "Was...who was it...I don't even know. I think it was fuckin' Barrera. Because I was in training camp with him. That was the first one I really met that was famous. But the one I always looked up to was Julio Cesar Chavez senior. And Diego Corrales. And Arturo Gatti."

Scoop: Did you ever have any personal interaction with Julio Cesar Chavez?

Brandon Rios: "He came up to me after the first Alvarado fight and he was telling me, 'Kid, what a good fighter you are. You're a great fighter, you got a lot of heart. And it was just like - You're a great fighter. So that's what he said to me. It was cool."

Scoop: When you sleep at night at home, did you ever have a dream you were boxing in your dream?

Brandon Rios: "Actually, it did happen. To my wife. She was in bed with me. We were sleeping. She said I kinda punched her [smiles]. I always dream. I already had a dream that I beat this guy. I already dreamed that at the end I raised my hand up. By a knockout. I already dreamed everything about him. I'm gonna fight him. I have that in me. I dreamed about what I can do and sometimes it comes out good. We'll see."