1. Bauer is making his debut on Thursday, how do you think he'll fare?

Conor Dowley: For Bauer's debut, it wouldn't shock me if he gets torched. He has great stuff, but his approach seems like it'll leave him vulnerable to true major league hitters.  Pounding the zone is great, but you have to be willing to change and adjust to keep major leaguers from punishing you for it, and I'm not sure he'll do that until he's been stung a few times.  Of course, now that I've said that he'll probably get 13 strikeouts in a 2-hit shutout.

Steve Fiorindo: I think he'll pitch well in his first outing.  He seems like the type that will handle the debut aspect well, and could actually pitch very well in his debut.

Evan Rentschler: I honestly have no idea of what to predict with Bauer,...

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