Born 24 August 1993. Allen Robinson went to St Mary's preparatory high school, Orchard Lake. There he helped his team to progress to the Michigan division 3 state championship.  In a productive year Robinson caught for 720 yards and found the end zone 10 times.

Penn State University

2011 Freshman Year - A 1st year career reception came against No.2 ranked Alabama. Robinson was involved in 93 plays on the field as he looked to establish himself as a starting WR.

2012 Sophomore - Much was expected in year 2 and he didn't disappoint.  Robinson started all 12 games in a year that saw him being selected as the Big Ten Richter-Howard receiver of the year award. Adding to that coaches and media selected him for the All-Big Ten Team. A 20 year old record for 63 catches in one season was smashed by Robinson with an impressive 77 receptions. Not being satisfied with that record the 2nd year WR became only the 3rd person in Penn State history to go over 1,000 yards.

2013 - 5 games in and Robinson leads the Penn State receiver corps with 43 catches for 705 yards averaging 16.4 yards a reception and 5 TD's.  Another fruitful year is on the cards for a promising talent currently playing in a 4-2 Penn Sate team.

Robinson has many attributes. He his quick off the mark and able to beat his cover with a burst of pace. Physically robust Robinson is well balanced and agile. Robinson displays safe hands and is alert to pick up on any loose balls as demonstrated in the youtube video. His stats show that he has good situational awareness and combines well with the QB. Within CFB he is a real handful for any CB.


Allen Robinson may not be a household name or the first round draft pick but the college senior will be hoping to be picked up by an NFL franchise in 2014. With hard work and a good mentor, Robinson has the potential to make it on football's elite stage.